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Up-vibing your life can become a lonely, lonely road if you don’t have uplifting travel companions, am I right?!

Keeping ourselves inspired and motivated can be a tough job when we aren’t surrounded by an inspiring tribe of heart-centric, enlightened women. And, if you’re like me – finding like-minded gals can be tough with all of our busy schedules.

For many years, I winged it.


No circle of lady friends with their beautiful laughter, kind words, or sparkly camaraderie. Maintaining my radiance was challenging and I would never, EVER want another lady to experience the same “community desert” I endured.

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Things all changed for me when I began connecting at conferences, over Skype, and through FB groups – making an active, intentional effort to create the feminine friendships I so desperately craved. 

Suddenly, I began seeing myself as the powerful, confident Goddess that I always was! It was as if I was reborn – unleashed – set FREE! Without this sacred community of ladies, I wouldn’t have become as empowered and motivated as I am today!

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You’re probably thinking, “How can I find that same kind of nourishing community?!”

I get it – making time to go on retreats or meet new people can take up a lot of time and money. So I’ve created an exquisite online experience for you so it’s EASY to connect to the same type of Circle of Sisters that helped me slough off old limiting beliefs, step up as a leader, and give me the confidence to connect to other humans on a soul-level!

That’s why I’ve created the Sacred Circle – a monthly Goddess Community Experience where you will be surrounded by some of the most inspiring, intuitive, intelligent ladies that walk this planet!

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  • We meet twice a month for one hour online via video chat.
  • The first 20min of each call is “workshop time” where I’ll offer you new training on our monthly theme
  • We connect, inspire, and share with one another for the remainder of the call
  • After the call, I send out a replay so you can access the training throughout out the month
  • You can access your private FB Group at any time to share how things are unfolding for you and enjoy ongoing support from your sisters.

This investment costs $250.00 per month and includes 2 LIVE training calls, community connections with other radiant women, and access to your private Sacred Circle FB community for support and daily inspiration!

You can click here to register for next month’s Circle Meeting by submitting your payment or click here to find out how you can get a huge discount by paying upfront for an entire year. 

If you register to join us today, I’ll send you a love gift: the previous two months of Sacred Circle recordings!

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So, SO excited for you to experience the soul-nourishing community we have created here. 

You belong with us.

Come be the woman you’ve always wanted to be (and always have been!) within YOUR Sacred Community of Women.

See you in the Circle, Gorgeous!

💜XO, Tara