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“Empowering the Modern Woman to Lead with Power and Ease.”

I believe people learn by doing. That’s why I teach simple, easy changes in habit and mindset that lead to lifelong performance growth in a workshop-style format.

I also believe in blending the more masculine hardcore tactics of traditional business success with the softer feminine emotions.


– EFT: the emotional freedom technique
– The High Performance Productivity Planner
– Journalling & activity sheets
– “Soul Mapping” & intuition activization
– Energy balancing techniques
– Time management hacks & empowered goal setting
– Activating the intuition
– How to use the Law of Attraction in business (for real results)
– Feminine self-care habits

Many of the spiritually based tools I share are usually missing from traditional corporate training, but are exactly what women need to unleash their personal version of feminine leadership. Please note, I am very aware that we each have our own belief system and comfort level with exploring “energy,” so I only cover simple and practical activities that are non-religious and blend with any creed in my group trainings.


– In person retreats & seminars            – 1:1 Mentorship
– Live webinar and online training        – Custom support and pacakges
– Group coaching


Here are a few of my most requested workshops for you to give you an idea of the broad scope of my training specialties.

Living in Possibility
– how to harness the Law of Attraction and Energetics to manifest the results you want with ease. Seeing the solutions vs the walls!

The Magick Mindset
– how to develop the thoughts that create confidence and calm in every situation. The self-talk that generates greatness.

Self-care in the Corporate World – how to tend to your physical and emotional well being as a feminine leader.

Productivity & Success “Doing Less”  – how to trim down the to-do list and still crush our goals (and look good doing it!). 

Goal Setting and Visioning – discovering your success path and finding passion in leadership.

Career Transitions & Managing a Role Change – how to up-level your mindset, attitude, and habits to thrive in your new position!

Relationship 101 – understanding workforce dynamics and holding your own personal energy even in stressful situations.

Being Unapologetically YOU – daring to bring your unique talents and perspective to the table without fear of rejection.

Speaking Your Truth  finding your voice as an insightful female leader.


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