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Every girl get’s in a rut now-and-then, right?

Holiday treats make our bodies feel sluggish. Grueling work deadlines take a tole on our sleep habits. Family drama drains emotions. Lover problems can leave you grumpy and feeling oh-so-unsexy. 

It’s all about cycles – ebs and flows. 

Sometimes we don’t feel magickal and empowered and goddess-y. It feels like nothing we are trying to conjure is working. Like there is a weigh or a “block” on our feminine powers that’s preventing us from experiencing the “flow”…those ecstatic moments when we’ve got the ear of the Universe and we only have to THINK of something we want and she delivers it. 

Or maybe, you’ve never experienced that state of alignment before. 

Well, Baby, it’s time! 


That’s why I created the 8 Day Goddess Bootcamp for you – to help you super-charge your feminine magick and get you back to manifesting and feeling like a radiant goddess FAST. 

This 8 Day Goddess Bootcamp is perfect for you if: 

  • You can only spare 3-5min each day to learn what I’m talking about
  • Want EASY + FUN activities that will jumpstart your magick powers
  • Feel like you need a quick “re-boot” in the 8 main categories of your life: nutrition, mindset, body + environment, habits, relationships, business, spirituality, and celebration + ritual.
  • Have gotten disconnected from your feminine magick and need to get realigned

I’ll be shooting you a simple video every morning of the bootcamp with training + “homework” for you to apply. You’ll also be able to connect with other women on the same journey as you in your private FB community!

At only $8.00 { litterally, a dolla a day }, I wanted to make this experience meaningful and affordable for you RIGHT NOW – no matter what’s going on in your life.

I promise you – the small amount of time you spend re-aligning yourself and recharging your magick during this Bootcamp will bring you exponentially awesome results in your life. Quickly. 


You can join the 8 Day Goddess Bootcamp here.

Super-duper excited for you, Darling! Buckle up and get ready to change your circumstances in a little over a week!

See you at Bootcamp!

💜XO, Tara