Free Video Series WP imageHey, Love! You ever hit that point in your life where nothing seems to be shifting? You try to hit the gym, drink your smoothie, and “feel good about yourself” but you are left with this nagging feeling that another level of RADIANCE is achievable!


In fact, I was so convinced that women can + DESERVE to live empowered, beautiful lives that I created a FREE video series to share with you simple mindset shifts, easy wellness habits, and sexy goddess rituals you can do to up-level your radiance and manifesting powers.

Originally, these videos were for close girlfriends and family. The lifestyle transformation I had achieved was SO DRAMTIC, that I wanted to tell every woman I met how to reconnect to her power to conjure things in her life that would give her goosebumps!

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These videos are for you, Beautiful.Β 

They are “the magick” that helped me manifest $1,500 to go on a women’s retreat…that helped me visualize successful healing for sick loved one…that taught me to fall in love with my body as she is now…and helped me manifest a truck and RV that I was told was “impossible to get”! πŸ˜‰

If you too are in search of the “elixr” to a happy, abundant, life full of sparkling synchronisities, and toe curling magick, then you need to get A Course in Radiance Free Video Series.Β 

In these easy episodes, I’ll get raw with you and help you up-level your manifesting powers and unleash Β your inner goddess!

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ON THIS JOURNEY, you’ll discover:Β 

  • How to best feed your body to awaken your divine goddess powers
  • Why every goddess MUST meditate { and how to do it even if you have trouble sitting still }
  • The true essence of wealth and how you can draw more into your life
  • How a goddess finds true love
  • What to do when you are surrounded by negative people
  • The type of movement that will make you fall in LOVE with your gorgeous bod

and, a TON more juicy topics that I don’t have time to describe here now.

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YOU CAN SUBSCRIBEΒ to this freeΒ video series hereΒ to start changing your life’s story today!Β 

WARNING: you may experience powerful vibrational shifts in your life that bring change as you work through these videos. This is often scary and unsettling. Be SURE you are ready to receive what you’ve been asking the Universe for and be ready to embrace the fluid experience of the shifts required to bring your desire into your physical reality. And remember: for something new to come in…something old goes away. That’s just the cycle of life and a totally normal thing you may experience as you up-level your goddess powers!

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K, we good?Β 

Awesome! I’ll see you on the inside, Darling!

πŸ’œΒ XO, Tara