Tara Howisey Snapchat Snapcode and Username @tarahowisey

Hey, Beauties!

Are you on Snapchat??? Holy. SMOKES.

There is SOOOOOO much fun to be had together as I share lifestyle, spirituality, and positive motivation snaps. Plus my cat. What my daily ritual looks like.

The rain in Portland.

My FAV goddess eats + treats.

Even my personal altar that sits in the center of my home emanating gorgeous, magic ju-ju.

This social platform removes the barrier of distance and time and let’s us soul-share in ways that we never could before.

So if you like what you see here, and wanna join me in real-real-life, add me on Snapchat @TaraHowisey!

I snap back!

Excited about this new form of Light-sharing – be sure to bounce me any questions you have and I’ll get you answers, Gorgeous!

XO, Tara