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Hi! I’m Tara Howisey and I teach women { and a few men} how to apply high-performance habits, the law of attraction and a dash of magic to transform their lives from stressed and depressed to R-A-D-I-A-N-T!

I’m originally from Portland, OR. Currently living full time in my RV traveling the US with my Love and chasing the snow! #snowboardlife

I’m an entrepreneur, energy worker, blogger + YouTuber, snowboarder, and spirituality coach.

I believe that life is meant to be fun, easy, and beautiful. We are meant to achieve our dreams. To feel sexy. To be wealthy. To find true love. It’s my deep commitment to my own pleasure that drove me to discover the spiritual principles of the law of attraction { which I call “magick” } and to conjure some crazy sh*t that convinced me that this bohemian, goddess stuff WORKS!

And now it’s time to share all this sparkly ju-ju with YOU!


My super-powers are spiritually, pleasure-based living, and finding vibrational alignment.

I work with women through online video courses, workshop intensives, one-on-one sessions, live events, and hand-selected communities. Soon, I’ll be offering products in my online store – The Goddess Cartel – to enhance your enlightened life. 

By reigniting their intuition and pursuing what feels good, the women I support create a life of love, pleasure, and abundance. From this place of radiance, they effortlessly achieve their goals and conjure breathtaking change in their world!  


I was homeschooled through 12th grade with a very loving, but conservative upbringing. 

Studied landscape design at Portland Community College and provided landscape design services for Nike, Intel, and Boeing.

At 21, religious and perspective differences led to a severe 5+ year “falling out” with my immediate family that forced me deeper into analyzing what I wanted out of life. 

This “Dark Night of the Soul” without my family – thinking I was going to burn in hell for choosing my own path – purged me of my assumptions + old beliefs that no longer served me.  Some things I chose to give up: guilt, self-loathing, waiting for a future “heaven,” and the idea the poverty is somehow more “pious” that wealth. 

After taking on a thrilling account management position for my landscape maintenance company in 2013, I proceed to burn myself with a NASTY bout of adrenal fatigue that SUCKED the life out of me. Hair fell out. Weight was gained and lost. Dreams vanished. My light went out…. 

THANKFULLY, I conjured the miraculous mentorship of feminine empowerment coach, Sacha Lalla who inspired me to never give up on family and take steps to reconcile with my mother. She held space and called down the magick for me as I faced the dark emotions I had hidden from myself. Eventually, I went through intervention with my parents and their pastor. Sacha also coached me through leaving my account manager role that was no longer a good fit for me and into the wild, wild, west of entrepreneurship! 

From that place of champagne excitement, I kept exploring new practices and modalities to heal my body and restore my soul to her former sparkle. I tried acupuncture, reiki, supplementation, chakra healing, meditation, multiple cleansing diets, a series of workouts, past life regressions, high performance training, listened to podcasts, took online courses, read EVERYTHING from Wayne Dyer to Abraham Hicks. 

The magic happened when I APPLIED what I was learned in the fields of science and spirituality consistently. Suddenly a quantum shift happened in May 2015. 

The culmination of my “awakening” happened at a Fire Ignited Ladies’ Retreat in Costa Rica with my coach Sacha Lalla and Sylvia Ferrero. After 7 days in the jungle with my new found sisters, the old beliefs that “I’m not worthy/beautiful/talented” dissolved! As one of my Trinidadian girlfriends placed a glittering mandala over my third eye at our farewell ceremony, I felt my “Higher Self” come home to my body. The words “I AM a Witch! A Goddess!” appeared in fiery letters inside my mind. 

When I got home everything changed. My energy had COMPLETELY shifted and ladies popped out of the wood-work asking what the EHF I was doing to be so. damn. RADIANT! They knew the “old Tara” and this new version striking.

Very organically and led by the natural flow of the spirit, I began crafting courses, + communities for women like YOU to support you in achieving your magical re-birth! 

Whether it’s overcoming nasty thoughts in your head, to falling in love with your body, or awakening to your true passion, I’m here 100% for you, Gorgeous!


Sparkly sh*t. Stuff that makes you FEEL GOOD because that’s really the whole point, Love.

We live in an exciting time. Science confirms again and again the principles of attraction, vibration, and manifestation. The gap between spirituality and science is shrinking rapidly as we realize that our thoughts create things and nothing is separate from anything else. If you want to explore the science-y side of magic, check out Quantuum Physics/Mechanics and prepare to get chills when you read of particles with telepathic connection, the “nothingness” at the center of all things, and other mysteries!

Rather than just sharing fluffy woo-woo tips for living a magical life, I’ll do my best to connect science + magic for you so you’ll come to realize they aren’t that different after all…

My goal is to share the same lifestyle principles I applied in my life that reconnected me with my family and pulled me out of my stress-enduced-depression.

“Lifestyle Magic” topics I’ll dish on include:

  • Wellness whole foods, sugar/dairy-free living, yummy snacks, good-ass coffee, goddess supplements, and holistic remedies for a glowing bod.
  • Beauty fav makeup secrets for that “how does she look so radiant?!” look, easy bohemian style, gorgeous hair-care, goddess-approved products
  • Mindset how to use meditation + visualization, affirmations, perspectives
  • Habits  – business building, high-performance, goddess living hacks
  • Romance Secretsfam, friends, lovers.
  • Energy Work + assorted witchy modalities –  reiki, crystals, circling, lunar magick, wicca, witchcraft, qi’gong, and sooo much more!

Think High Achievement taught by a bohemian mystic!

If there is something sparkly and esoteric to explore I’ll break it down abstract concepts into actionable steps to help you live a more empowered and radiant life!

Bounce me a note if you’ve got a topic you’d like me to feature, Love.


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Lol! I don’t know why, but everyone always asks.



Watching James Bond movies { Daniel Craig is bae }

Haunting nurseries and garden centers. If it’s green and leafy – I HAVE to touch it!

Globe trotting with the boyfriend.

Snowboarding. Like, a lot. My Burton Lipstick is my witch’s “broom”!

Trying not to buy EVERYTHING in Whole Foods.

Tinkering with new lifestyle alchemy habits.

Reading. Join my FB Bookclub here to see what titles I’m diggin’.

Snuggling my kitten Wiley.


Nope – but I’m in a long-term, loving relationship with the handsome Clay Green. We met at a coffee shop in Portland 8 years ago and have been inseparable ever since: traveling, building our businesses, exploring our sensuality, and inspiring one another to be and DO more! 

Even though there’s a 20 year age-gap between us, our souls were meant to meet and be together. Perhaps we’ve even encountered one another in other lifetimes….who knows! 

You can check out Clay and his high-performance coaching here.


Don’t you wish you knew?! But seriously…I’m not an official “wiccan” or “witch.” I’m simply a practitioner of using the elemental laws of the Universe, my intuition, and energy management to conjure + manifest the things I want in my life. And I’m pretty damn good at it. 

Thus: I’m a self-title witch.

In my book – a witch is any woman { or man } who lives deeply connected to themselves and the Universe, unafraid to own their power and create what they most want.

So, while I may not ride an ACTUAL broom, I’ve got my conjuring skills on point and am here to teach you how to master yours.


You can subscribe to my channel on YouTube here where I make videos to help you live a more radiant life. 

Snapchat is becoming an obsession! I’ll snap you raw deets from the daily life of a goddess. My username is tarahowisey.

Also, Insta @theradiantgoddess where I post inspirational quotes and pictures to keep your magical juices flowing. 

Check out my FB Page – I’ll host online events and workshops there that ya don’t want to miss.

Catch me LIVE on Periscope under @TheRadiantGoddess. This is a great place to hear me rift for 15-20min on a topic of empowered living like “How to Visualize” or “Full Moon Rituals.” Lots of witchy-goodness there.

Pintrest here. 

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Connect with me on any of these channels, Gorgeous! Would love to answer your questions and help you along your radiant way!

Love + Light!

💜 XO, Tara