So What Exactly IS a “Radiant Goddess”??

This is one of my Favorite Topics in the whole world!!!!!

I’m so glad you asked, Darling! This archetype of the goddess has brought profound healing to my life and I know she will bless yours…

Let’s start with “Radiance.” To me this word evokes passion, glowing health, beauty from the inside out. Unbridled happiness. Freedom to be who you are. From knowing you are a queen. And owning it.

From eating the best, highest-vibrational foods the planet has to offer. Whether that meat, no meat, kale or kombucha, chocolate or fresh baked bread. It’s the side effect of nourishing your body.

It’s the confidence that comes from owning your mind. Uncovering new ways to revel in your awesomeness while you ditch any thought that doesn’t lift you up and inspire you.

That rosy glow from having the best sex evar! From caring for your temple like it belongs to a goddess { because it does! }. The shiny hair, clear skin, soft hands that have been pampered by you – at home or in the spa. The honor you give your body when you dress her in the best, body-honoring clothing you can. The attention you devote to feeling beautiful whether that’s a boyfriend t-shirt or some tribal jewelry.

It’s that cozy feeling you get when you create a home filled with inspired scents + sounds. A sanctuary. A haven. Your very own quiet space in this galaxy where you feel safe.

Radiance is the sparkle in the eye of the woman who intentionally orchestrates her day to feel amazing and move closer to her goals. It’s the commitment to small, daily habits that produce exponential magick results! It’s the woman who knows what she’s worth, and is willing to ask for and get it! The flush of being a boss babe – talented, productive, effective.

It’s the pink blush of love. The acceptance of it. The giving of it. The co-creating with it. A life saturated in the ever-present love that surrounds us all, can’t help but be radiant.

The flowy, other-worldly feeling of being connected to soul + Source. Of feeling the energy that creates worlds pulsing through your veins as you conjure and direct it toward your desires. It’s the transcendence of spiritual wholeness. Unity with the All.

It’s the joy of celebration! Of recognizing the priceless present moment and creating sacred rituals to honor your journey as it unfolds for you. It’s the noticing of time and ever-unfolding tapestry of wonder that you are a vibrant part of. It’s communal. It’s solitary. It’s the Rite of Life.

THAT’S radiance.

As for the Goddess…

She is that flame of divine feminine that flashes and flickers within you. That intuitive, magickal, seductive, creature that brings forth life from her womb. The powerful, all-knowing woman. The wise woman. The one who heals. The one who binds together – friend and family. The one who calls down the moon. Who feels the murmurs of the earth and stands grounded + centered in her place in the cosmos.

The eternal, undying power of the woman.

Warrior. Queen. Seductress. Fairy. Witch. Virgin.

Archetypes so deeply ingrained in our DNA, that when you return to your sacred roots and embrace the goddess within, it feels like the notes to a song your soul has been singing eons past.

The goddess is my personal icon. She represents all that I am and all that I want to be. Allowing her to express her radiance in my life has unlocked areas of intuition, pleasure, confidence, and clarity that were untapped.

So, dear lady, I invite you to release yourself and allow the goddess to call you forth into your best and highest form. Your most radiant self. Your true self.

Come, Sister, dance with me as we embrace our radiance and unleash our inner goddess together!

Does this light a fire in your soul? Does your inner knowing resonate to the sound of my words? Share below. I would be honored to learn what experiences you have had or wish to have as you walk the path of a Radiant Goddess.

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Love + Light,

XO, Tara


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