Ladies – 

I love you. What your beautiful souls mean to me can never be fully understood. Your lives are an exquisite tapestry of joy, heartache, triumph, and sacred awesomeness. Witnessing your personal and collective power is one of my life’s deepest honors. 

How can I serve you and help you see what glittering creatures of infinite possibility you are? I pray to the Goddess that my humble willingness to be a pure conduit of divine inspiration and knowledge and unending support lets you set down even just ONE burden…ONE heart-breaking negative thought..ONE bottomless doubt…ONE fearful, tense moment… 

May you see the sun. The bright, magickal, Universal reality: that you are a glorious expression of Divine Magick.

A Creatrix of Fantasies.

A Goddess. 

I dedicate my online and in-person presence with the Radiant Goddess Collective to creating a sacred space for you to triumph over your agony and dip into the unending ecstasy of a life of magick! 

I choose you, Beautiful. Always. May you unleash your Highest Self a little more every day!

You Sister, Tara XOXO